About Us


BRIC is dedicated and passionate about laser cutting. Some with over 25 years of experience in engineering, technical, designing and welding. The continuously high level of quality and service is second to none. Common material jobs are nested and cut together which increases efficiency reduces changeover time and keeps costs down. 


Aluminium Laser Cutting


Copper Laser Cutting


Metal Laser Cutting


Our precision laser cutting can be applied to a large variety of materials, which are then used for a wide range of products. We provide perfect laser cutting services such as metal laser cut, steel laser cut, aluminium laser cut, copper laser cut, stainless steel laser cut service. For several material suppliers who all deliver quality product at competitive rates, we choose supplier based on our company high quality standard. We continuously shop around to obtain the best prices and high quality of material.  Additionally, customer also can supply their own material. If you have any requirement or question, you can contact us now for more details.

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